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Events for November

All November

All lingerie is discounted 20% this entire month.


November 4th

King Tut Day

Come into any store and walk like an Egyptian.  You’ll get 25% off any 1 regularly-priced item.

November 14

Sadie Hawkins Day

Bring in your b.f. or s.o. to any store.  Buy them a bottle of lube and we’ll give you 25% off any vibrator or dildo.

November 19th

Red Planet Day

Citizens of Mars receive 80% off their entire purchase.  Earthlings get 20% off their entire purchase.

November 27th

Stuff your Turkey Day

All vibrators and dildos are 25% off.

November 28th


Happy Thanksgiving!

We will be closed today, but will open again tomorrow!

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