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Missing Your Clients?

A Question for Mistress Montana


Do you find yourself thinking about or missing any of your clients after they leave?


I do! I have been a professional dominatrix for 29yrs, so I have many many clients that have seen me for 25+ years. I have heard about their children, family, friends, wife, work, etc for so many years that I find myself wondering if their daughter got the Ivy League scholarship she coveted, If their mother is recovering well from her stroke, and so on. I have an extremely high customer return rate. So after such a long time of seeing the same clients, you find yourself crossing over to the place where you no longer see them as clients. I now count a huge portion of my clientele, not only as clients but also as friends that I truly care about. We discuss legal cases they are trying in court, stocks I should purchase, new office openings, restaurants, nightclubs and so on. I’m sure this is no different than conversations that you have with your friends. The only difference is we share a common bond of dominatrix/slave.



Mistress Montana



  1. William on January 18, 2019 at 3:09 PM

    I went to one of the Condoms to Go locations off Northwest Hwy in Dallas, Tx and purchased my wife a Lovense Domi Wand. I called the location a week later to ask if they have any attachments that would fit that sized wand head and they said no, not yet. Will your company be purchasing any attachments for the Lovense Domi Wand?

    • Sara's Secret on July 30, 2019 at 10:31 AM

      Please call our corporate store and ask for Abe!

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