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Fantasy Fridays

April Showers

With lithe grace she stepped from the shower as the April sun filtered through the window, carrying with it sweet perfume – spice of honeysuckle, bouquet of lavender.  A day holding the promise of fulsome delight as she took a step toward the closet, pirouetted and at once was inside.  She giggled and recalled something…

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End of the Rainbow

Good news! You don’t have to be Irish to get lucky this month. All you need is you, your partner (or partners), and a little imagination. There is a pot of gold at the end of your rainbow with this Friday Fantasy… Happy endings start with Naughty beginnings. Find your sexiest green panties and shake…

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Office Escapade

Let’s shake things up a little this month…. Ever been curious what it’s like to be taken advantage of by someone with power? Maybe you’ve always admired someone’s confidence and “in charge” persona. Let’s discuss these things with your partner! Maybe even role play a little? Set the stage by setting up that desk and…

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Nurse Your Relationship

Nurse Your Relationship It’s a brand new year, meaning we should start investing in trying brand new things. While everyone else is dealing with nursing their cold and flu away this season, why not instead nurse your relationship to be the happiest, healthiest version it could be? Maybe fight off that fever… The fever for…

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